December 4-6, 2017
Philadelphia, PA

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4th Pharmaceutical Packaging & Labeling Forum Agenda

The 4th Annual Pharmaceutical Packaging and Labeling Forum is a gathering of keen-minded speakers and sponsors who will be sharing the most advanced techniques to meet rigorous regulations, deliver to a global market, and enhance patient safety. Download the agenda today to see our expert speaker faculty

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Anticipated Attendee Snapshot

CEOs, Directors of Packaging, and Labeling specialists representing top industry brands. Take a look at who we anticipate to be at this years event. 

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Formulating your Change Strategy Control

Under cGMP, 'change' means creating a compliance setting that fosters continual improvement.  The FDA considers change management, or 'change control,' as critical to compliance, but offers limited guidance on how to perform it effectively.


Case Study: Expert Insight into Pharmaceutical Packaging & Labeling

At the last iteration of the Pharmaceutical Packaging & Labeling Forum, we heard from Directors, Vice Presidents, Administrators, and Managers about topics critical to packaging and labeling. This case study includes expert insight into these topics, such as leveraging serialization labeling, correcting deficiencies in labeling, effective packaging for FDA mandates product traceability, and more.

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Expert Insight: Your Packaging & Labeling Guide

We sat down with three experts in order to get their perspective on topics specific to each of their areas of expertise in the pharma industry. End-to-end labeling, implementing serialization, and outsourcing versus inhouse labeling are just some of the topics you'll find inside!

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Streamlining Label Translations and Strategic Management of Drug/Combination Product Labeling

Anoop K Padival, Manager, Strategic Global Labeling, Regulatory Affairs at AbbVie, discusses how to optimize global content on a country-by-country basis to accommodate translations, compare outsourcing versus overseeing label translations in-house, discuss project management best practices during the overall translations process, and review accurate and appropriate labeling practices for drug/combination product labeling.


Pharmaceutical Serialization and Traceability 2017 Trend Report

With time running low, Pharma Logistics IQ tracks the state of the industry’s serialization projects. This year’s research report maps out and measures the changes in consensus as the industry advances closer to an entirely track-and-trace pharmaceutical environment. Sections covered:

  • Project Planning
  • Implementation Progress
  • Traceability In Operation 
  • Benefits Beyond Compliance


Packaging & Labeling Trends

According to recent research, the global pharmaceutical packaging market is forecasted to reach more than US$80 billion in revenue by 2020. Take a look at this article to see packaging investments, serialization updates, labeling and artwork challenges, and more.

Auditing Artwork Processes and Services: Part I

This article is the start of a series of on auditing of artwork processes and services. Andrew Love, Vice President Capability Development at Be4ward Ltd, and presents actionable tips to cover different aspects of Chairman at a past summit,artwork services and the some of the issues you should consider if you are preparing to undertake an audit.

Auditing Artwork Processes and Services: Part II

Part Two in a series of on auditing of artwork processes and services. Andrew Love goes on to discuss the approval of complete versions of artwork, defining the overall process, and quality checks.

Auditing Artwork Processes and Services: Part III

The third part in a series on auditing of artwork processes and services. Andrew Love delves into audit trails, effective document version management, and more!

4 Significant Factors Driving Smart Packaging

Technology has transformed how human beings function today. The Internet of Things promises to revolutionize everything from the way we order food, to the way we take out the trash. Can pharmaceuticals be that far away? Let’s talk through 4 areas within which big pharma will see the maximum impact of smart packaging, and how these will be your drivers to evaluate if this new technology is getting your dollars.


Speaker Sound Bites - Gerrit-Jan Nijveldt

Gerrit-JanNijveldt, Senior Director of Global Labeling at Sanofi, and past speaker at our summit, touches on data collection, cross-departmental collaboration, and more in this sound bite interview.

Exclusive Interviews: Working Together Across Artwork, Labeling, and Packaging

We sat down with Nicole Quallis, Worldwide Labeling Manager, for Valeant Pharmaceuticals International,along with Suzan Aygen, Associate Director, Labeling & Promotional Review with LEO Pharma ahead of the 4th Pharmaceutical Packaing & Lableing Forum this December 4-6 in Philadelphia, to discuss their toughest challenges of pharmaceutical artwork, labeling, and packaging departments working together, the progress they are making, and how they would attack their department's obstacles. Take a look to find out more