This year, we’re thinking outside the box…

Back by popular demand, the 2nd Pharmaceutical Packaging & Labeling Forum returns this fall…now in Philadelphia! We’re excited to bring you fresh perspectives and all-new case studies to continue improving your package development, labeling and artwork processes.

In 2015, our top-rated speakers highlighted the importance of standardizing label development and change control, as Ellen Cravens walked us through a timeline proven to optimize label lifecycle management. Julie Batal from Takeda and Julie Batal from Sanofi also worked with attendees in their workshop to develop an effective end-to-end change control system for both labeling and artwork. Ensuring patient safety also emerged as another major priority at the event, as Professor Laura Bix from the Michigan State University School of Packaging used actual simulation tools to update us on the latest research in end-user-centric package design.

Following positive feedback from last year, we’re pleased to announce that the 2016 Forum will once again be co-located with the 4th Pharmaceutical Traceability Forum to ensure that packaging and labeling teams are fully up to speed on preparing for fast-approaching serialization deadlines.

This year we’ll also be exploring creative strategies on how to tackle your recurring challenges, grounded in concrete examples that equip you with practical tools to take back to your company. We’ll also be diving into the cutting-edge solutions available from the industry’s leading vendor partners so you can evaluate, compare and make smart investment choices in our expanded exhibit hall.

Here’s a quick sneak-peek at the benefits you can anticipate at this year’s conference:

  • Effectively prepare for upcoming DSCSA and international track & trace deadlines
  • Improvement of your product safety measures through innovative packaging and labeling design
  • Boost ease-of-use for elderly and disabled persons while adhering to legislation for child resistance
  • Minimize the incidence of artwork error through standardizing your SOP for artwork review

Stay tuned for more updates from our top speaking faculty and agenda!

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Why Attend?

Streamline and standardize your packaging, labeling and artwork compliance processes across domestic and international markets

Coordinate a smooth, efficient change control system between multiple functional departments to implement updates within tight turnaround deadlines

Optimize your use of current resources to innovate with safer, user-friendly package designs without breaking your budget

Clarify the requirements for package stability testing in tricky regions like Brazil and the Middle East

Upgrade your packaging lines to increase efficiency and flexibility of your production

Increase the accuracy of information and artwork displayed on labels, and implement checkpoints that will catch artwork errors to avoid costly, reputation-damaging product recalls

Choose the right CPOs and line level packaging technology/equipment to simplify your serialization procedures

Track your end-to-end label implementation throughout the supply chain

All this is easier said than done, however. Costs are high, and budgets, limited. Compliance and product launch deadlines are tight, and the approval process, complex. The regulations are many and varied, and interpreting them takes both time and prior experience. We’ll work through each of these inhibitors and more to make sure you leave with the concrete plans and connections you need to transform your packaging, label, and artwork processes with confidence.

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Who will you be networking with?

Come join senior experts in:

  •  Package engineering
  •  Package design and innovation
  •  Packaging operations
  •  Global labeling
  •  Regulatory labeling
  •  Promotional regulatory affairs
  •  Artwork implementation
  •  Change control
  •  Graphic design
  •  Marketing
  •  Quality assurance
  •  Supply chain management
  •  Serialization
  •  Track & trace
  •  Anti-counterfeiting
  •  …and so much more!
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